Welcome to Mend

Matt Davey
April 17, 2023

Hi - we’re Matt & Noah, the co-founders of Mend. We’re designing consumer focused digital products to help improve the patient experience.


1 in 2 Australians live with cancer or a chronic health condition - this is huge

This calls for a larger focus on supporting these people to live better, more independent lives - where their health, lifestyle and needs are really considered. 

(That’s where we come in)… Mend is a free mobile app designed for health consumers to manage, understand and navigate their health journey in one place. 

The app features include:

We know that managing and understanding your health can be a challenge, so we’ve designed Mend with consumers (and carers) in mind. Our mobile app exists to help manage your health journey, and understand your health condition through personalised health insights putting patients at the forefront. 

Whilst a lot of health apps consider the ‘patient’, we are focused on our users living fuller, healthier and more independent lives.

We're developing partnerships and resources to reimagine the ecosystem with health consumers at the centre. Our mobile app is designed to improve the patient experience, as we aim to leverage health insights and data to improve health outcomes for all. 

We’re just getting started and can’t wait to support the cancer and chronic-health community with Mend.

Reach out if you'd like to know more. Thanks for reading! 

Be Well,

Matt | Co-Founder at Mend


Your Health, One Place. 

Reimagine Your Health Journey - with Mend.

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